The Effectiveness of Postpartum Exercise and
Oxytocin Massage on Uterus Involution

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The Effectiveness of Postpartum Exercise and
Oxytocin Massage on Uterus Involution


Postpartum Exercise, Oxytocin Massage, Uterus Involution


The process of involution will work well if uterus contraction is strong, so a treatment can be done to improve uterus contraction. Postpartum exercise can make uterus muscles undergo contractions and retractions. In addition to pos- partum exercise, being control of bleeding from the placenta attached is main- taining contraction and retraction fiber of strong myometrium through oxyto- cin massage. Purpose: This study aimed to ascertain influences of postpartum exercise and oxytocin massage on uterus involution. Method: The design used is quasi experimental research using post test only designing two comparison treatments. This research was conducted at PONED (basic emergency obstetric and neonatal care) in Bandung. The sample size was 50 respondents (25 res- pondents were given treatment for postpartum exercise and 25 respondents were given the oxytocin massage treatment). The sampling technique with non probability sampling techniques was by means of quota sampling. The data use primary data through the process of interview and observation. Deep data col- lection tool uses observation sheets and questionnaires. Result: The average uterus involution on the postpartum exercise group was 8.68 days, while the oxytocin massage group was 6.72 days. The results of the Mann Whitney Test statistic were at 95% confidence level; there was a significant difference in ute- rus involution between the postpartum exercise group and the oxytocin mas- sage group with a value of p < 0.001 (p ≤ 0.05). Oxytocin massage is more in- fluential to accelerate uterus involution. Conclusion: Oxytocin massage is more influential than pospartum exercise to uterus involution.


Djudju Sriwenda, SST, M.Kes
Dian Nur Hadianti, M.Kes


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